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yep john astrays 1st mg is an astray

yep john astrays 1st mg is an astray

i fell in love with this gundam when i saw it so i had to get it its articulation is awesome there was a few poses i couldnt pull off but it was cause of balance not articulation

not the best kneeling pose but not bad

haha took forever to keep it from falling

its knives are so cool they just look mean as hell

i could have done better with this pose

i know not too impressive its just a foot right


not every day that you see a gundam with weapons in its feet

next to my rx78 action figure

the knees seem simple but are actually pretty detailed they have alot of moving parts but are not  at all hard to build

this is the only pose i could get with the big sword without the action base it comes with for the sword i would have had more poses using the base but the piece to hold the sword fell on the floore and i cant find the damn thing

though i could use it to hold up the gatling arm mode

this is probably the best way to use the tactical arms cause you can actually have the astray hold its weapons

now i know i could have done more and better poses but this is my first MG and i didnt want to push the joints to much the build kinda scared me when i first saw all the runners but wasnt to hard over all im glad i got this my only gripe is that the left arm when i first built it woulnt even hold up its own weight so i had to fix it but other than that no problems im definitely gonna get the red frame

my favorite pose of all



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im trying at a gunpla review deal my first review is of a action figure firstill ad actual models as i get them

all right sorry a bout the lighting i need to get a better source

as for the poses i would have done better ones but with no stand and limited articulation couldnt help it


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im new here ill start to add stuff as i can

Hello world!

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