im trying at a gunpla review deal my first review is of a action figure firstill ad actual models as i get them

all right sorry a bout the lighting i need to get a better source

as for the poses i would have done better ones but with no stand and limited articulation couldnt help it


6 Responses to “bam”

  1. cool d00d. i like the 3rd and 4th most. other 2 [the 1st and 2nd] could be more dynamic as it doesn’t come across that way, maybe it’s just me but yeah.

  2. Is this an MSIA ? cause as you mentioned bad articulation^^;; 3rd pic is pretty nice in terms of lighting and pose.

  3. no its older articulation aint bad but compared to models its kinda lacking

  4. lighting i need to get an over head lamp

  5. i got an astray blue frame its built and every thing but i have to retake the pics more than half were to blurry i need to find a way to stabilize my camera

  6. this sucker would be better but its kinda top heavy

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